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A-level Results

The day is finally here. Results day! Students across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be picking up their A-level results today and finding out their fate.


If you’ve been accepted to Bangor University, (CONGRATULATIONS) the good news is that you’re automatically a member of the Students’ Union. Here in Undeb Bangor (Undeb is the Welsh name for Union) we have an exciting year ahead.

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Publication date: 18 August 2016

Scottish Highers Results

Students in Scotland will be eagerly awaiting their Scottish Highers results over this weekend. Students are expected to receive their results by text, e-mail or post on Tuesday 9th August.

Following the results students from all over Scotland will be deciding on their final choices on where to go to University. Some students may have achieved the grades required for their firm choice of University while others might miss out on their firm choice of University. Students may also achieve the grades they require for their firm choice or even do better but decide that they would rather go to a different University. Whatever the outcomes of Tuesday, all students have options, and it’s important to explore all of them.

For those of you who have chosen to come to Bangor. CONGRATULATIONS. You’ve made a great choice!! Bangor is a top rated University with plenty to offer, but not only that; when you become a student at Bangor you automatically become a member of Undeb, Bangor’s Students’ Union. Here at Undeb we have so much to offer students, including free membership for all societies and clubs, plenty of volunteering opportunities and a voice for you! It's an exciting time to start at Bangor with our brand new home in the new arts and innovation centre, Pontio, just the beginning of things to come.

Take a look at our student survival guide 2016 for a taste of things to except here in Bangor. 

Many students get accepted to Universities through Clearing. If you would like to know more about Clearing at Bangor University, then please visit this page:

Whatever your results today. Wherever you may go to University; Congratulations and good luck!

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Publication date: 5 August 2016

Summer Sessions!


Are you in Bangor over summer?

The Students Union has plenty of activities to keep you entertained with our Summer Sessions program.

Whether you are student, just joined on our Erasmus program, left the University or are a member of the Bangor community Summer Sessions are open to everyone to get involved.

Summer Sessions are a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make new friends as well as staying fit and healthy.

The Summer Sessions will run between the start of July and finish just before the start of term in the middle of September and will happen 4 days a week with each day being a different activity to make sure that your summer is not a dull one.

Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm we will have sports happening in Canolfan Brailsford. Whether you want to hone your basketball and football skills or just want a friendly game of Badminton both halls will be available.

One Hall will be dedicated to the development of a sport such as basketball, dodgeball or Ultimate frisbee while the other hall will have a relaxed atmosphere for you to pick up and play a sport at whichever pace you feel like.

Wednesdays are dedicated to outdoor, high octane activities such as scuba diving, kayaking and climbing amongst other activities you may not always get the chance to experience.

On Friday we relax with our host of social nights, this can range from events such as a treasure hunt to celebrating key events in the world and have Olympic and World Cup themed socials.

Saturdays are spent on cultural activities and exploring North Wales and beyond, we’ll visit Snowdonia and the surrounding area, travel to beaches and gardens and take part in activities such as Cable Carts and Bounce Below.

Anyone is welcome to join these Summer Sessions and most are free of charge however some of the bigger activities will incur a minor cost.

Summer Sessions are the best way to keep fit, make friends and have a good time in Bangor.

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Publication date: 16 June 2016

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